June 7 2004.

Containing servicing and tuning data for European, Asian and American motor cycles, scooters and mopeds from the early Eighties to 2004, the Autodata motorcycle manual is aimed at the professional who makes his living from being in the know.

If it's a capacity, a pressure, a torque, a distance or any other kind of setting this book has it listed.

* Engine information - Model, year, power output, engine dimensions, valve clearances, compression and oil pressures

* Ignition system - Resistances, ignition timing, maximum advance, plug types
and gaps, firing order and cylinder layouts

* Fuel System - Idle speed, jet sizes, fuel levels, pilot screw opening

* Filling capacities - Including fork oil

* Tyres - Sizes, pressures

* Tightening torques - For engine components and wheels

Autodata have been publishing technical information for automotive professionals since the early 1970s and have a range of over 50 English titles. The Autodata manual trades at £44.50.

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