June 7 2004. In a major industry/motorcycle sport initiative, Datatag and the sport's Governing Body the ACU; have joined forces to combat the growing problem of off road and competition motorcycle theft and the alarmingly low recovery rates. The unique system created for off-road/competition machines is available immediately and Datatag is urging dealers to stock this latest system as the popular Superbike and Scooter Systems will not be suitable unless upgraded under the rules of this initiative.

"Theft is a huge problem for the motorcycle sport sector, especially with off-road machinery. Currently there is no registration system and once a machine has been stolen, it is virtually impossible to discover its fate. More than likely it will be sold on, either complete or in component form, to an unsuspecting buyer," said Datatag director Kevin Howells.

Howells continued, "Now we can offer a major breakthrough. After some 18 months of extensive discussions with the manufacturers, the ACU, The MCI and various off road groups, Datatag has developed a special Racing System that is being adopted by the ACU as the 'Official Marking, Security and Registration System'. The contract is for 5 years, which clearly demonstrates how seriously the ACU views this issue. We are now seeking to work directly with the motorcycle trade, whose rapport with their enthusiast customers and fellow riders is second-to-none. Explaining the Datatag system face-to-face is by far the best way of encouraging riders to adopt it. "

Said ACU Chief Executive Neil Hellings, "This is a highly significant development which will offer security and peace of mind to everyone owning a competition or off road bike. It is our aim that everyone should fit Datatag and help drive theft out of our industry. Unlike road legal machines, when our members have a bike stolen, there is no insurance payout and riders can ill afford the cost of replacing their bike."

Springboard for the introduction of Datatag into the off-road motorcycle sector has been its phenomenal success in the Jet-Ski market. Because Jet-Skis were unlicensed, portable and could be made untraceable, theft was rife. Manufacturers and the insurance industry joined forces with Datatag to create the Personal Watercraft Partnership (pWP) appointing Executive Director -Chris Neville-Parry at the helm.

Now recognized as a world-leading initiative in marine security, the venture has been incredibly successful. Major players in the market, Kawasaki, Polaris, Sea Doo and Yamaha, have each endorsed the scheme and fit Datatag as OE. A major PWP innovation has been the introduction of The Safe Beach Scheme, where no Jet-Ski can be put on-shore or insured without Datatag. The results have been hugely impressive, with market thefts cut from 20% to just 2%. Said Chris Neville-Parry , "PWP and the adoption of Datatag has transformed the Jet-Ski sector into one of the most secure in the leisure industry ."

For the competition bike sector, Datatag has been specially configured to meet the unique requirements of motorcycle sport. The Datatag system uses a number of the latest identification technologies including state-of-the-art electronic transponders programmed with a unique code for each machine. These are permanently hidden throughout the machine and are virtually impossible to find and remove, without damaging the bike. They can only be read with the unique Datatag scanners, over 3,000 of which have been issued to UK Police Forces. Further endorsement of Datatag is that the conviction rate for
the system is 100%.

The technology developed in the racing system means that existing Datatag systems such as Superbike or Scooter systems, will require upgrading in order to benefit from the full protection of this initiative. To overcome this, and as a service to riders, it is planned that a Datatag Racing upgrade kit will be launched to fit to a machine already protected by an existing Datatag system. This upgrade system will be available for dealers shortly.

The Datatag partnership carries forward the ACU's commitment towards machine security and all owners are being urged to fit this kit as soon as possible. It is planned that, eventually, (as with Jet-Skis), riders will not be able to compete or practice on official tracks, if their machines are not registered and protected by Datatag. In order to drive theft out of the industry and the competition sector, ACU officials will be vetted, trained and issued with the scanner technology to check bikes during off-road events and race meetings.

Datatag will be launched to competitors and spectators alike at the Hawkstone Park round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship on l8th July 2004.

For the bike industry, this is should create genuine demand and a major profit opportunity, since the ACU's stance is that ideally every competition bike will require Datatag fitting in the future.

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