June 9 2004.

VE report an excellent response to their all new on-line order system launched at the beginning of June.

"We have been delighted with the uptake," said VE boss Norrie Kerr. "Our existing accounts have responded to the new system and we have gained a few new accounts as well. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by such a fast response, but it proves that this is the way to go."

The new scheme allows 24 hour ordering 365 days a year. It means that the demands on having to order during the working day are at an end. "You can order when you like as the system never closes. It's what real wholesalers do...look after their customers" states Norrie.

All trade orders are treated as urgent and processed as soon as they receive them. The system is actually very good and although not unique, it is the first time a specialised wholesaler has gone to this length to look after their customers. The beauty is the time factor. Reduce your telephone bill, no busy signals, avoid Faxes, save on paper and ink/rolls and most important save on your time, after all isn't this what you wanted the internet to do for you in the first place?

The system works in conjunction with VE's new layout in their search facility at the same website. It also offers more detail ...... more help and assistance in, for instance, what the part number of the item you have or are ordering actually fits, ie, what make / model / machine it fits, and if a picture is available, you can view that also. The level of detail is really good and VE dealers are finding out why dealing with VE (UK) has more than it's benefits.

Register at the site at and take advantage of a wholesaler that is motivated and understands what "Being in business in the motorcycle industry," actually means.

You can also contact VE (UK) on the telephone on 0115 946 2991 or fax them on 0115 946 9292. You can also email them at