June 15 2004.

A leading British scientist has praised the Institute of Advanced Motorists for raising awareness of the dangers of rotational force to motorcyclists.

The IAM warned riders that funny ears, devil horns and other 'amusing' add-ons for the helmet could raise the chances of brain and neck injury.

Dr. Kenneth Phillips has been researching the effects of rotational force on motorcycle helmets for several years and believes that reducing the effects of rotational force is the key to reducing motorcycle casualties. This is borne out by the recent COSTS 327 report, a Europe-wide study into motorcycle accidents, which found that 5,000 riders per annum die and as many as 68% of these deaths could be as a result of rotational forces on the head.

Modern motorcycle helmets are principally designed to reduce the effects of linear impact, but offer minimal protection against rotational force.

Dr. Phillips has been developing a revolutionary helmet shell that is designed to dramatically reduce the effects of rotational force by simulating the human head & scalp. Initial testing by the Transport Research Laboratory shows improvements of well over 50% in reducing rotational force.
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