June 16 2004. Datatool has developed a range of 'hard' security products with the aim of providing the highest quality equipment to cover every aspect of motorcycle security. Like Datatool's alarms and immobilisers, the new products are all tested and listed by Thatcham, qualifying owners for premium discounts from most leading insurers.

The Python Lock & Chain has Thatcham 'Category 3' approval and is claimed to be one of the strongest lock and chains available. The Python Chain is 1.5m long and weighs 5.5kg, with 13mm hardened core and case links for added strength. Its bright and flexible zinc plated finish helps to prevent corrosion, and a flexible nylon-weave outer sleeve protects the motorcycle wheels and paintwork. The Python Lock has a case hardened alloy steel body with a 13mm diameter arch providing a huge resistance against potential attack. It comes with four keys with over a quarter of a million combinations to prevent copying and is ideal for use with Datatool's new Fortress range of Ground Anchors.

The Python lock & chain is designed for home use (hence no carry bag) and retails for £159.99 inc. VAT.

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