June 23 2004. Michelin has launched the new Pilot Activ to replace certain sizes in its existing Macadam 50 range.

The Pilot Activ is a belted crossply tyre with a sports-orientated tread pattern that claims to offer improved manoeuvrability, better dry and wet grip, higher mileage, and improved rider comfort compared with the Macadam 50.

These improvements in performance come from a revised casing construction that uses recently developed ply and belt technology and a tread rubber compound incorporating the latest generation of elastomers to improve grip in all weather conditions without compromising tyre-life.

The Pilot Activ tread pattern features an optimised void ratio which puts four per cent more rubber on the road compared with a Macadam 50 of the same size. This improves grip and tyre-life, and contributes to better stability in all conditions.

Available now, the Pilot Activ is available in seven front sizes and six rears, and in H and V speed ratings.

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