June 29 2004. Rock Oil is pleased to announce that its popular and effective cleaning product Bio-Wash has been revamped to further improve the cleaning performance. Now available in a 1 litre format with trigger spray it also has a new look to go with the improved performance.

Bio-Wash's unique formula enables it to achieve high levels of cleansing on a multitude of hard surfaces. This powerful performance coupled with Rock Oil's vast experience in the industry has resulted in the making of this high quality, completely bio-degradable, multi-purpose cleaner.

The all new bio-wash will easily remove all dirt and will also tackle tougher deposits such as oil and grime with minimal fuss. Bio-wash can be used on any hard service imaginable, from bike fairings to tarmac. It is this versatility, thatwhich has resulted in Bio-Wash becoming such a popular product. We use it on the Motorcycle Trader fleet because it does what it says on the bottle.

The recommended retail price of bio-wash is £2.99 and can be obtained through Rock Oil's nationwide destributors.

For more information, or for details of your nearest distributor please contact:

Rock Oil, 90 Priestley Street, Warrington, Cheshire WA5 1ST
Tel: 01925 636191 Fax: 01925 632499 e-mail