July 5 2004. French manufacturer Shark has always produced innovative, advanced helmets which, thanks to an extensive involvement in MotoGP, World Superbike and British Superbike racing have consistently offered the very best comfort, ease of use and above all else, safety.

Now Shark is offering something extra with each helmet - A free 5 year warranty. The legal minimum throughout Europe is two years, but Shark, with complete confidence in its 2004 range of Hi-Tec, Performance and Off-Road safety helmets is extending that period by three years. The warranty covers any defective workmanship or materials for the full five-year period. It is, in effect a guarantee of quality.

All Shark helmets will soon be delivered with new five-year warranty documentation. At the point of purchase, the customer fills in a coupon and warranty card - the purchase must then be registered (by the customer) within 15 days, either on the Shark website at or by post.

For more information on the 2004 range of Shark helmets, and details of the new 5 year warranty call Phoenix Distribution on 01782-569800 or visit