July 5 2004. The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) announcED its lifelong learning strategy for road user education at a conference on 6th July.

The conference, 'Road User Education, Working Towards Sustainable Road Safety' aimed to exchange ideas about Road User Education (RUE) best practice and consider new ways of raising the prominence of RUE in the schools curriculum. It was by MCI President Steven Norris.

The MCI is calling for the government to adopt an approach that incorporates road user education into the National Curriculum. MCI is encouraging the linkage of road safety and educational activities into core and non core syllabuses as part of the Government's 10 year road safety Strategy.

In an established National Curriculum, the MCI recommends messages and activities, which would vary according to the age of pupils and would include things such as cycle proficiency, motor projects and a GCSE option in road user studies.

MCI Director of Public Affairs Craig Carey-Clinch said; 'Issues of the road affect each and every one of us from a very young age and yet road safety and RUE at schools level is ad hoc at best, despite some terrific initiatives which have been pursued by far-sighted individuals and groups. Creating a safer roads environment in the future requires engaging the young now in programmes which create a safer and more positive attitude to responsible road use -- otherwise the scope for further casualty reduction will be limited.'

The MCI has been actively involved in youth education since the mid 1990s, supporting motor projects such as the successful SKIDZ programme in High Wycombe, which engages young people at a number of levels in road user education. This includes responsible road use, vehicle engineering and road safety. MCI was also instrumental in the development and launch of the charity UK Youth's 'Momentum' programme.

The issues addressed at the conference and the speakers included:

- Road User Education and the Vocational Agenda - Kingston University

- Influencing the Attitudes of the Young - DSA 'Arrive Alive'

- The GCSE in Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies - 90 One Education

- Motor Projects and Best Practice - SKIDZ

- Road User Education & Careers - Automotive Skills

- The Role of Road Safety Officers - LARSOA