July 13 2004. Acumen Electronics has launched yet another new device aimed at improving safety and looks.

Called the Pulsar, this new device modulates the intensity of the brake light in a gradually decaying pattern over a few seconds. The system is popular in the United States where studies have shown that the enhanced stop signal helps reduce rear end collisions by drawing the attention of following traffic more effectively than a normal brake light signal.

In addition to providing the modulating stop light, the Pulsar also provides a user-selectable brake lamp failure warning via an LED indicator on the instrument panel. On some bikes where the stop signal is provided by a single bulb this feature can be a life saver.

As with all Acumen products the Pulsar comes complete with full instructions and is easy to fit, requiring a simple four wire connection into the readily accessible brake lamp supply.

There are 3 types of Pulsar;

Type 1; LED brake light systems (most new sport bikes, GSXR's, 'Blades, SV1000 etc)

Type 2; 2 x standard bulb 21W bulbs

Type 3; 1 x standard bulb 21 W bulb

Costing £60 retail, including VAT, the new device is available from Acumen on 01264 359922 or visit the website

For further information contact:

David Gath: Tel 01256 861238

David Martin: Tel 01264 359922