july 29 2004. Norman Hyde has announced that he will be acting on behalf of WISECO Inc. of USA, in the UK with regards to the supply of top-quality forged pistons, big bore kits & associated parts for use in Classic British, Classic Japanese & Harley Davidson machines.

Pistons can be supplied from the WISECO catalogue or can be manufactured to customer's needs in small numbers.

Says Norman " I have always been associated with best quality products & I have been most impressed with Wiseco's technology. They are at the cutting edge of aluminium forging & piston design".

Norman will be working with Wiseco to increase the range for high-compression pistons for competition use in Triumph, Norton Matchless G50 & Manx Norton engines, followed by high performance Street use pistons.

Vic Eastwood will continue to distribute for off-road aplications & Frank Wrathall will contiune to distribute for modern applications.

Contact Details:
Tel: 01926 497375
Fax: 01926 832352