July 30 2004. The UK's leading manufacturer of impact protection for motorcyclists has welcomed
the MAIDS Report, which is the first complete European in-depth study of motorcycle

Planet-Knox is confident that when riders are made aware that a higher proportion of spinal injuries were of maximum severity than injuries to any other body part, including head, neck & thorax, they will understand the significant benefits of wearing a back protector.

The Report categorised injuries according to the AIS coding system; minor, moderate, serious, sever, critical and maximum, which is usually fatal.

· 5% of injuries (other than minor) affected the Spine.

· Over 10% of spinal injuries were of critical or maximum severity.

Geoff Travell, MD of Planet-Knox, whose back-protectors are used by top racers such as John Reynolds & Yukio Kagayama of Team Rizla Suzuki, believes that the Report will mark a turning point in riders' perceptions of safety.

"The MAIDS Report proves once and for all that, after a helmet, a back-protector is
the most important piece of safety equipment a rider can invest in. Most racers and road testers wear one as a matter of course because they know this already."

Knox produce a range of back-protectors for men, women & children, with retail prices from £49.99 - £99.99.

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