August 1 2004. Zen newsletter reports that a number of customers are reporting receiving letters from either Domain Registry of America, Domain Registry of Europe, or EU Registry Services.

These letters appear to be domain renewal notices, often headed "Domain Expiration Notice" and warning that "if payment is not made the domain is subject to immediate suspension and deletion" but are actually purchase orders to transfer domain names to another registrar.

The Domain Registry America company has already been barred in the USA by the Federal Trade Commission. They operate in the UK and Europe under the name Domain Registry of Europe. EU Registry Services is based in Cambridgeshire and operates as Domain Registry Services, from addresses such as Compass House,
Vision Park, Cambridge, CB4 9AD. If you receive a letter from them you may want to report it to the local Trading Standards Office - - or file it in the bin before anyone else in the office takes the threat seriously and pays the fees demanded.