August 3 2004. The following information has been released by Ducati:

Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A (NYSE: DMH, Borsa Italiana S.p.A: DMH) takes note of the decision of the Aprilia Board of Directors, taken on July 31 2004, not to extend the exclusivity and not to agree to the proposal, presented by Ducati on July 30 2004 in accordance with the terms of the sale process - aimed at guaranteeing the continued operations of the Aprilia company for the period necessary to complete the acquisition of the group.

Ducati will not modify its offer, which therefore remains valid. It reserves the right to protect its interests in the appropriate ways.

"We are certain that we have respected, in the form and the substance, the process and the procedures requested by the Aprilia advisors - commented Federico Minoli, President and CEO of Ducati Motor Holding. "We are strongly convinced that our offer reflects the true value of the Aprilia Group and that it offers guarantees for all stakeholders involved in the transaction. For this reason we do not intend to modify our offer, and we will leave the possibility of further evaluation up to the advisors."