August 3 2004. DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT News Release (106 issued by the Government News
Network on 2 August 2004
Road Safety Minister David Jamieson today welcomed publication of the
'Advisory Group on Motorcycling: Final Report to Government'.

The Report concludes the work of the Advisory Group on Motorcycling, which
was established in 1999 to consider the role of motorcycling within an
integrated transport policy, including important issues such as safety and
environmental impact.

David Jamieson said:

"I am delighted to have received this Report, which is the product of a
constructive and co-operative partnership between Government and motorcycling

The Report makes a number of recommendations to Government. These include:

* a fundamental review of gaining a motorcycle licence under the Direct
Access Scheme, which allows faster access to riding bigger bikes;
* Rider Improvement and Speed Awareness courses for offending motorcyclists;
* a hard hitting advertising campaign to make motorcyclists more aware of
dangerous situations and other road users more aware of motorbikes;
* a review of the position concerning motorcycle use of bus lanes;
* and the mainstreaming of motorcycling into the transport planning process.

David Jamieson added:

"This report is timely. Motorcyclist deaths rose by 14% in 2003 and this is a
challenge we must face up to. The Government and the motorcycling community
are working together to make biking safer and to take account of the needs
of motorcyclists. Motorcycling is an important part of the transport mix and
we will consider the report's recommendations closely as we further develop
our motorcycling strategy."


1. The Government's White Paper on the Future of Transport, "A New Deal for
Transport: Better For Everyone", recognised that the role of motorcycling
in an integrated transport policy raises some important and complex issues,
including safety and environmental impact.

2. To obtain advice on these issues the Government established the Advisory
Group on Motorcycling (AGM) on 6 May 1999. The AGM set up five Task Forces
to examine vehicle safety and security, integration and traffic management,
environmental and fiscal issues, statistics, and research.

3. The 'Advisory Group On Motorcycling: Final Report To Government'
details the work of the AGM and its Task Forces and makes recommendations to
Government. The Report will assist the Government in developing its strategy
for motorcycling, which will be published in the near future.

4. The Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group were to consider:

a) the safety record of motorcyclists and agree on measures to be taken to
improve safety, including general road user behaviour and consideration of
training and licensing arrangements;

b) the environmental impact of motorcycles and to agree what measures,
if any, should be taken in light of the conclusions reached by the Group; and

c) the role of powered two wheelers of all sorts in an integrated transport
policy including the scope for traffic management measures that are beneficial
to motorcyclists and contribute to that policy.

5. The Advisory Group Members are:

Motor Cycle Industry Association
Motorcycle Retailers Association
British Motorcyclists Federation
Motorcycle Action Group
Despatch Association
Motorcycle Rider Training Association
Automobile Association
RAC Foundation
Local Authority Road Safety Officers' Association
Local Government Association

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