Aug 3 2004.

The 9th Motorex Ben Factors Group Golf Tournament. Held at The Warwickshire Golf Club, Leek Wootton, Warwickshire on 28th July 2004.

There was doubt about the weather, as it had been bad the previous few days, but the organisers were able to deliver on the day! It was an absolutely fabulous day. The sun shone all day long.

There were 28 teams playing for the Motorex Oil of Switzerland Trophy and running concurrently was the Singles Championship playing for the MCIA Trophy.

As always the competition was fierce for both trophies.

There were prizes down to the 10th place both in the main team event and the singles competition, plus numerous other fun prizes.

The Motorex Team Prize winners were Hein Gericke UK Ltd, captained by
Guy Mainwaring, handicap 26 with other team players
Mike Ulman handicap 27
Andy Cundy handicap 26
Martin Hallet handicap 18

Hein Gericke won with a superb score of 94 stableford points defeating Melville Exhibitions, into 2nd place who narrowly defeated The Motorex Team into 3rd place, on a card play off. Both teams had a score of 91 points.

The MCIA Singles Champion was Nigel Hall from Cusworths Motorcycles, playing with the Honda Team, off a handicap of 22 he narrowly defeated Guy Mainwaring on a card play off, both with a score of 43 points.

In 3rd place was Sean Martin from Nevis Marketing.

Congratulations to all winners and commiserations to all runners up.

The team from MCIE captained by Finlay McAllan achieved a very notable triumph. They have, for the past 8 years been "The Worst Team" and this year was no exception they were last yet again!
Every one had a wonderful day out and thoroughly enjoyed the days golf.

There was an auction for which the main prize, was three football memorabilia photographs. The pictures were of a young George Best, Gordon Banks and Jimmy Greaves and were signed by each of them. The pictures were very generously donated by Neville Evans from Cambrian Tyres and raised almost £3000.

The organisers wish to thank all the dozens and dozens of sponsors whose companies generously financially supported the charity and, it is expected in excess of £12,000 will be raised on the day for our industries charity Ben.

The event will be held again in 2005 on 27th July. This next tournament will celebrate Ben's Centenary and will also be the 10th birthday of the Motorex Ben Factors Group Golf Tournament. Special things will be planned to make the 2005 event an exceptionally memorable one.