August 12 2004. Preliminary tests conducted at one of Asia's leading testing centers in Hong Kong found that the CAT-MATE pollution-reduction device developed by Save The World Air, Inc., cut carbon monoxide emissions from a two-stroke motorcycle engine by more than 98%, the company announced today.

"Two-stroke motorcycle engines are a huge source of pollution around the world, and especially in Asia," said Erin Brockovich, SWA's Vice President of Environmental Affairs. "The results of this test indicate that CAT-MATE can help reduce pollution and improve the health and quality of life of millions of people."

Conducted in closely controlled conditions, HKEEL's preliminary tests on a 150cc two-stroke Honda motorcycle engine showed that the CAT-MATE device reduced carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by 98.48% and total hydrocarbon (THC) emissions by 65.37%.

The preliminary findings are the first results from a series of tests being conducted at the Hong Kong Exhaust Emission Laboratory (HKEEL) on the two-stroke motorcycle engine, one of the most popular forms of personal transportation in Asia. Similar tests of the CAT-MATE device conducted at HKEEL in July on a 63cc two-stroke generator engine showed a similar reduction in toxic emissions.

Final results of the motorcycle engine test will be available in the coming weeks and will be submitted for official certification by the Vehicle Certification Association (VCA) of the United Kingdom, the world leader in exhaust emissions testing.

Ed Masry, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SWA, said the preliminary results indicate that CAT-MATE can reduce toxic emissions to the point that two-stroke motorcycles may meet the most stringent emission standards for new highway motorcycles set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Currently, motorcycles with two-stroke engines are banned from U.S. highways because of their excessive toxic emissions.

"If the final results from HKEEL approximate these preliminary results, then Save The World Air will test the Honda 150cc motorcycle in the United States and submit the tests to the EPA for certification," he said.

Source: PR Newswire