August 16 2004. Defra has launched a consultation on new Hazardous Waste Regulations for England. The proposed regulations will cover the movement of hazardous waste from the producer to the disposal or treatment facility. They will replace the Special Waste Regulations 1996 in England and introduce new and simpler procedures for hazardous waste, whilst still meeting the requirements of the European Hazardous Waste Directive.

The consultation proposes that the requirement not to mix hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, or different categories of hazardous waste, be extended to producers of hazardous waste.

The proposals include the removal of the need to pre-notify the Environment Agency before hazardous waste can be moved and a simpler method for tracking wastes once they have been moved. They also include a new system to ensure that sites where hazardous waste is produced are notified to the Environment Agency. The proposals have been trailed with stakeholders on the Hazardous Waste Forum.

The proposal to introduce fixed penalties of £200 for non-compliance with specific offences in the regulations would also save the Environment Agency time and effort in pursuing court cases for relatively minor offences.

It is proposed that the regulations come into force on 16 July 2005 which will coincide with the implementation of Waste Acceptance Criteria for landfill sites.