August 24 2004. All employees should have access to a pension scheme or advice on pensions in the workplace says the Government. To help raise awareness, the Government has launched a Pensions Information Pack for employers and employees.

In the past many employers have been unsure about how far they can go in advising their workers - even where the advice would be to join a good pension scheme.

The pack which has been produced by a consortium of stakeholders led by the ABI, will be distributed to the employees of up to 100 companies as part of a pilot study designed to find out whether employees make changes to their financial arrangements as a result of receiving pensions information and advice.

The pack includes information on the state pension system, occupational pensions, useful sources of pensions' information as well as a section answering common pensions questions.

The Government has new powers in the Pension Bill to require firms not offering pensions to offer their employees advice.