August 24 2004. Following the successful launch of the MST Bike Guard mobile phone text alarm system in 2002, MST International has announced the release of the next generation product.

Director Stuart Thomas says, "We are very excited about our new system, and believe it to be the ultimate protection for any kind of machine. There has never been a bike GSM system with so many features, and through a change in our manufacturing base we have been able to pass on a huge saving of £99.00 to the bike owner making the system more attractive to a wider range of customers. The new system is even more user friendly and interactive

With the new system we have increased the level of security, allowed the owner to personalise the system, and it can now also be used as an alarm in its own right, the owner has the choice of using it as a silent alarm, or by attaching the siren it can be programmed to automatically trigger just as a normal alarm.

In both cases as soon as the thief attempts to steal the bike a text message will be sent straight to the owners mobile phone.

At MST International we have invested heavily in a new web based GSM location service MST locate, now not only is the Bike Owner sent a text message from his bike to alert him of a possible theft incident, the bike owner will be able to confirm the location of their machine either via the Internet or by calling a 24/7 call centre, both of which will inform the owner as to the area location, making recovery a real possibility at last. Importantly, the MST Locate service is available to both existing and future bike guard owners for as little as 7 (seven) pence per day and combined with the bike guard product is the ultimate in electronic security".

There's nothing else like this on the market, the unit is still no bigger than a packet of cigarettes has a minimum of 3 wires to connect and can be discretely fitted anywhere on the bike, either as a stand-alone unit or connected to existing alarm systems.

MST Bike Guard retails at £199 and is available to dealers direct from MST International at or call 0870 7461905/06

Alan Cullotty, on 0870 7461905
Stuart Thomas, on 07796 440932