May 20 2004. Forthright Motorcycle Financehas completed another successful auction at British Car Auctions in Manchester where machines passed over by Forthright were up for sale.

These auctions typically take place every 3 months and the next is due in early July. The auctions usually boast several interesting and sought-after models, including Aprilias, Kawasaki ZX6, Honda CBR, Suzuki GSX, Yamaha FZS600, Peugeot SPE100, Yamaha ZFR1, and many more.

Jonathan Mitchell, Director of Motorcycles for Forthright Motorcycle Finance, commented: "As with every auction we have held with BCA Manchester, the auction on 28th April was an amazing success. It was extremely well attended and, once again, I was pleased with the number of dealers that visited, who all went away having completed successful transactions."