31st August 2004.

RCV Engines has signed an agreement with Motive Power Industry (MPI), Taiwan-based manufacturer of PGO-brand scooters. The agreement covers the development of a new range of 125 to 150cc scooter engines. The motors are based on RCV's patented four-stroke, rotating cylinder-valve technology.

In this type of engine, the cylinder rotates around the piston to provide the valving function. RCV claims this gives a compact engine that uses fewer components, with greater power, better fuel economy and lower cost.

Four-stroke engines are being used to replace two-stroke motors in scooters because they offer cleaner emissions. RCV claims its engines combine the cleanliness of a four-stroke with the power advantages of a two-stroke motor. Manufacturer and marketing of the firm's 125cc four-stroke unit are currently scheduled for the second half of 2006.

The PGO-RCV scooter engine will use a conventional crankcase and transmission supplied by MPI, coupled to a cylinder assembly developed by RCV. The new engine is expected to have an eight per cent reduction in manufacturing cost and a ten per cent increase in engine power compared to the base two-valve, air-cooled 125cc engine.

Pictured: Dr Chen, MPI Technical Director (right) and Mr Eric Hill, RCV Managing Director (left).

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