September 15th 2004.

Insurance specialist Bennetts has invested almost £350,000 in the dealer market. This large sum of money has been used to finance Bennetts' Dealer Quoteline.

Since this scheme's inception in October 2002, it has paid out more than £180,000 in commission to dealers and £170,000 has been spent on its marketing.

Bennetts Dealer Quoteline is used by more than 1,500 UK dealerships.

The quoteline is accessible seven days a week and offers dealers and customers instant quotes on new or prospective purchases. Dealers can earn up to £30.00 for each policy sold through the Bennetts Quoteline.

The quoteline number is: 0800 107 0780

Any dealers interested in finding out more should contact Nicky Sharp, Bennetts' Dealer Relationship Manager, on: 01733 845243.