September 20th 2004. EP Barrus has come forward with a defence of road-legal quads (categorised as Quadricycles).

The company offers a wide range of road-legal quads and buggies. Reporting on the popularity of Quadricycles, Barrus states that more than 60,000 road-legal quads were sold in France and Germany last year.

EP Barrus' statement:

"Quadricycle Legality:
Contrary to some Industry opinions, the new Moto-roma Quadricycles are fully tested and approved to the latest European Whole Vehicle Type Approval directive 92/61/EEC (and subsequent amendments 2002/24/EC & 2003/77/EC) - the same requirements as for all Motorcycles.

They are designed and built to be used on road as an exciting alternative form of transport, ideal for those that want to feel the open air exhilaration of a motorcycle without the hassle of taking a motorcycle test (you are entitled to drive a Quadricycle on a full car licence).

Misconception: Full power sports ATV's can be used on the road
Reality: Under EEC Homologation rules, the road legal Quadricycles have a maximum power of 15 KW, enough to keep up with the traffic and entertain without the ridiculous top speeds of the latest sports motorcycles.

Misconception: ATV's have knobbly tyres and handle badly on the road
Reality: The new breed of road legal Quadricycles feature low profile tyres, and all round disc brakes, short travel adjustable suspension and lower centre of gravity. This provides for vastly improved road handling over traditional off-road only quads.

Misconception: A Quadricycle is no good for traffic busting
Reality: Quadricycles are no wider than a large capacity motorcycle with panniers. An extra bonus is that you don't need to put your feet down at the lights! Reserve gear is also great to access tight parking spaces.

The Moto-roma Urban Quad range is available in 150cc or 300cc engine size. Both versions are available in a sport or a utility style. All models are powered by a low emmission, single cylinder 4 valve, 4-stroke engine and are equipped with digital speedometer, full working lights, indicators, steering lock, horn, pillion footrest and a grab rail."

These are the views of EP Barrus, which do not necessarily concur with those of the publishers. Motorcycle Trader and QUAD - Trader's soon-to-be-launched sister publication - are taking a keen interest in the debate concerning road-legal quads.
A full report will feature in the first edition of QUAD, in November. In the meantime, Motorcycle Trader continues to function as an industry forum, welcoming opinions from both sides of the argument.
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Road Test Session 8th September 2004 at Barrus HQ in Oxfordshire, contact Karen Williams for further information.

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