September 21st 2004.

On behalf of Midtronics, NS Marketing has announced the release of a new battery tester and 'Smart' charger.

The PBT-50 tester is specifically targeted at the motorcycle and powersports (ATV and personal watercraft) markets. Utilising battery-conductance testing, the device is reported to provide highly accurate assessments.

Midtronic's tester is compatible with batteries ranging from 2.3 to 30A/hr or ten to 500 CCA rating. It will test discharged batteries, with no need to charge before testing. The test itself is performed in seconds. A voltmeter mode allows estimating of starter- and charging-system output. The unit is suitable for use in a workshop or on-site.

Complementing the new tester, Midtronics has also introduced a 2A/hr battery charger. It features 'Smart' technology to ensure the correct level of charge.

There are two versions: the Pro 25-2B and the Pro 60-2B. The former is rated at 25A and is designed for 12V batteries. The Pro60-2B is suitable for 12V and 24V batteries. This model also provides a power output that can be used to maintain vehicle systems while the battery is out of use.

Pictured: PBT-50 tester.

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