October 6 2006.

Planet Knox has amended the styling and fit of its hugely successful Cold Killers under gloves to ensure that they stay in the vanguard of the market for wind proof clothing.
Knox has identified the fact that even moderate Hypothermia is a potential killer for motorcyclists, because the symptoms include "inability to think or pay attention to events, confusion, (some people don't realise they are affected), fumbling hands, and drowsiness."  (Source: NHS Direct).
As the body loses heat, circulation to the hands and feet will be affected first, as they are furthest from the heart, so a good quality pair of wind proof under gloves could make a significant difference.
For the coming season, the incredibly effective Cold Killers 3D+ fabric is used for the gloves.  Not only is it wind proof, but also the check fleece material on the inside allows the skin to breath more freely.  On the palm is a thin fleece material, which allows for comfort and control.  Another innovation for 2007 is that the fingers are pre-curved, like on a racing glove, to reduce 'bunching' on the fingers when the outer gloves are put on.
With their silver/grey stitching to emphasise the more ergonomic fit and the distinctive red squiggle 'signature' Clod Killers under gloves look different too, so don't settle for second best.  
Cold Killers Under Gloves are available in sizes Small - XL priced at £14.99 inc. VAT.

Planet Knox Ltd - tel: 01900 825 825