October 14th 2004.

GPR Distribution has announced the introduction of a new range of Sparco tyre warmers.

Sparco supplies tyre warmers for world-famous motorcycle racing teams in the MotoGP and World Superbike championships.

Two versions of the new system are available and both feature an internal thermostat that switches on at 75C and off at 90C. The only difference is that the HP version features a Nomex fireproof outer. Both Standard and HP versions are offered in '125cc' and 'SBK/Supermoto' sizes.

Retail price (per warmer) ranges from £119.72 to £211.27 (plus VAT).

GPR Distribution
Milton Keynes
Tel (mob): 07881 580 980

Pictured: Sparco warmers in use on Ducati MotoGP bikes