October 6 2006.

There aren't many aftermarket performance pipes around that can boast being completely legal for use on our British roads, but you can be sure these Silvertail pipes are designed for that purpose. But the really clever bit is this  -  not only are the exhausts 'E' approved, but the baffles are removable. Taking their inspiration from sports bike exhausts with removable baffles, the guys at Silvertail set to work with the same idea for their sidepipes. What's more, cruiser owners can run the exhausts in totally legal spec,  fit the optional race baffles for a much deeper sound, or even remove the baffles completely!
High quality chroming , twin wall construction and specially selected materials ensure great quality. Some models will get a pair of pipes, whilst others get header pipes,  balance tubes and chrome heat's all down to the bike model.  Each bike kit comes with everything you need.....right down to the last nut, bolt and clamp. 
Prices start from £213 (LS650 Savage) up to £469 for full system for latest VN1600. (quoted prices are retail inc vat)
A network of dealers is currently being put together, so if you're interested in a great product with good profits, get in touch. is the new factory appointed importers for UK, N.I, Eire & C.Isles - and the full range is already in stock - with deliveries by 24hr courier.
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