November 3rd 2004.

Distributor Blaney has introduced a new road-legal quad - the XC 200. The model is fully homologated for the road and is fitted as standard with indicators, mirrors, brake lights, dipping headlights, number plate, tax disc holder and speedometer.

Blaney's XC 200 has a carrying capacity of 30kg on the front and 45kg on the rear, with a towing capacity of 300kg. It has drum brakes at the front and hydraulic disc brakes at the rear; the four-wheel braking system is designed for road use.

The four-stroke motor is equipped with a twin exhaust for good burn-efficiency. Integrated footboards provide protection for the rider's feet.

Suspension consists of double A-arms, front and rear, providing 165mm of travel and 180mm of ground clearance. The five-speed transmission with reverse has an intercooler for temperature regulation.

The Blaney road-legal XC 200 has a retail price of £2,126 (plus VAT).

Blaney Motor Company
Tel: 028 25 878744