November 8th 2004.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has released the monthly and year-to-date sales data for October. Statistics show that sales in October amassed 9,537 registrations, which is only 0.1 per cent down compared to the same month last year.

It is hoped that this levelling-off in sales represents an end to the slump in new-bike registrations. The year-to-date total number of registrations is down by 15.9 per cent compared to 2003.

Encouragingly, this October witnessed an 18.9 per cent increase in sales of bikes in the over-1000cc category (compared to the same month last year). Many of these sales have been in the adventure-sport sector, which has enjoyed year-to-date growth of 13.8 per cent over 2003. Similarly, touring machines are attracting more buyers, and sales are up by 4.8 per cent over last year.

The 651-1000cc category has also fared well, with year-to-date sales up by 2.9 per cent.

For further information, visit: www.mcia.co.uk