November 12th 2004.

MBT Customs is the sole importer of Rewaco trikes for the UK and Ireland.

The company has imported the German-built trikes for five years and is now in the position to offer four dealerships to suitable companies, to cover different regions of the UK. Full workshop training will be provided and MBT Customs claims its products offer generous dealer margins.

Rewaco trikes are hand-built to the specifications of individual customers. Each models meets EU registration requirements to standard 92/61/EWG and are approved without restriction for use on road in all EU member states, as well as in the USA, Japan and Australia.

The range includes three models with air-cooled engines. They are available with either a four-cylinder Boxer engine (from 37kW to 46kW) or a V-twin Harley-Davidson engine (57kW).

Interested companies should contact Phil Reed on 01392 666107.

Pictured: The HS6 V-twin trike