November 12th 2004.

Tracker has introduced two new products, the Tracker Retrieve and Tracker Monitor. Both products utilise VHF radio technology, which, Tracker claims, allows stolen bikes to be traced - even if they are stashed away in a van or garage. Unlike GPS systems, Tracker's device does not have to stay in 'sight' of a satellite.

Tracker is operated by all 52 of the UK's police forces.

Tracker Retrieve is the entry-level version. Using this product, an owner must contact Tracker HQ if his/her bike is stolen.
RRP: £399 (plus annual subscription of £109)
The Tracker Monitor, on the other hand, automatically alerts Tracker HQ as soon as the vehicle is illegally moved.
RRP: £499 (plus annual subscription of £109)

Bikers planning to keep their machines for three years or more can take advantage of a 'duration of ownership' subscription which costs £216.

Tel: 0500 090909