November 25th 2004.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has reported details of the Association of Constructors of European Motorcycles' (ACEM) 'Plan for Action' campaign, which were announced on November 24th 2004.

Supporting the European Commission's initiative to reduce road deaths by 50 per cent by 2010, ACEM developed the 'Plan for Action', based on the findings of the Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study (MAIDS).

The plan, which is broken down into a comprehensive list, aims to: support for a stepped licensing system; the introduction of new practical examination skills which address hazard awareness and loss of control; awareness-raising campaigns for the drivers of other vehicles; alcohol-awareness campaigns; promotion of PTW conspicuousness; research into Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS); research into the effects of PTW tampering and modification; commitment to increase the number of PTWs sold with advanced braking systems; promote the importance of helmets; research the effectiveness of airbags; enjoin the debate about e-safety initiatives; work with road engineers to accommodate the specific requirements of PTW riders; and investigate those accidents involving roadside barriers.