November 30th 2004.

In collaboration with the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI), the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has issued a statement reminding dealers that all off-road motorcycles, including kids' models, must comply with the Electro Magnetic Emissions Directive 89/336/EC.

This legislation is designed to ensure that motorcycle ignition systems do not interfere with radio communications and other electronically operated equipment.

Once tested and passed, vehicles are given a CE-approval mark (usually a sticker). Dealers doubting the validity of any CE mark are advised to seek documentary evidence from the importer.

Tom Waterer, the MCI's Technical and Legislative Director, said: "There will be a flood of Far Eastern children's bikes launched for the Christmas market. Many of the importers either don't know about or don't care about the need for an approval. Their action may be putting at risk, among other things, the emergency services' radio communications."