December 14th 2004. World Superbike Champion James Toseland is helping to promote a new motorcycle security scheme called Lock-2-Lock (L2L).

The scheme invites bike owners to apply for membership stickers that they can attach to their motorcycles. Once affixed, an L2L sticker authorises other Lock-2-Lock members to adjoin their bikes using L2L security chains. Two or more motorcycles can be locked together, thereby making them much more difficult to steal.

James Toseland said: "It is nice for me to be involved with a motorcycle anti-theft scheme. The worry of how to secure motorcycles and finding somewhere safe to park takes away the enjoyment of what riding is all about. I hope I can play a small part by helping to tackle the problem nationwide, in being associated with Lock-2-Lock."

The Lock-2-Lock scheme will be officially launched at the 2005 Alexandra Palace bike show in February, and further details will be issued later this month. Meanwhile, riders interested in joining the scheme can obtain a Lock-2-Lock pack, including stickers, by visiting: