December 22nd 2004. Answering demand from scooter riders who ride through all seasons, this is a new range of screens from Baglux. Available for nearly 400 models, the range includes various shapes and sizes, with thicknesses of 3mm and 4mm. The screens are fitted by means of zinc-coated stiffened brackets.

Buglux's scooter screens are subdivided into the following categories:

Maxi-line Club Range
For maxi-scooters such as the Piaggio X9. RRP: from £70.

Club Line Range
Available for more than 360 models, complemented by sturdy, vibration-resistant fitting kits. RRP: from £49; fitting kits from £19.50.

Sport Pro Line
This is a budget-priced screen that is slightly narrower at the handlebar sides. RRP: from £40; fitting kits from £16.

Wild Line Range
Small screens designed to improve aerodynamics and to shelter the rider. RRP: £40; fitting kit £19.50.

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Pictured: Maxi Line screen as fitted to the Piaggio X9