January 4th 2005.

The ATV/Quad Group today reminded importers and dealers that ATVs and Quads, including those for children, are required to meet the requirements of the Electro Magnetic Emissions Directive 89/336/EC. Compliance with the Directive is to ensure that motorcycle ignition systems do not interfere with radio communications and other electronically operated equipment.

All devices that can interfere with electronic emissions, including those types fitted to ATVs and Quads, or whose operation can be interfered with, must be tested by the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer has ensured that there is no interference they can indicate this by applying a "CE" approval mark (normally a sticker). Should dealers have any concerns as to the validity of the "CE" marks they should ask the importer for documentary evidence.

Jake Vowles, Director General called on importers and dealers to check that ATVs and Quads and particularly children's machines they are selling are "CE" approved.

He said; "There will have been a flood of cheap ATVs and Quads onto the Christmas market. Many of the importers either don't know about or don't care about the need for an approval. Their action may be putting at risk, among other things, the emergency services radio communications.

"An approval mark confirms that the importer is responsible, and that their product is therefore more likely to offer satisfactory service, with proper after sales service. Buyers should have this in mind when choosing an ATV or Quad and ask the dealer to show them the "CE" sticker - and the declaration of conformity in the handbook."