January 28th 2005. The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) is calling on Transport for London (TfL) to lift its ban on the use of motorcycles as taxis. The ban has been introduced after a change in TfL regulations for private hire vehicles in London. The change to Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act came about because TfL argued that vehicles constructed with fewer than four wheels are not suitable for licensing.

The key motorcycle hire private operators in London include Virgin Limobikes, Passenger Bikes, Addison Lee Taxi Bike and London Executive, each of which faces complete termination.

The MCI argues that motorcycle taxis are not unsafe, claiming that not a single passenger has been killed or seriously injured in London while being carried on a motorcycle.

Craig Carey-Clinch, MCI Director of Public Affairs, said: "Managers in TfL's Public Carriage Office have assumed that motorcycles are dangerous without looking properly at the facts."

Pictured: Branson will fight the ban