March 4 2005.
National Car Parks (NCP) are trialling a new secure parking initiative specifically tailored for motorcycles in its Aldersgate car park in central London. From 14 March, motorcycle and scooter users will be able to park their bikes off the street in the dry, reducing the risk of damage to their vehicles and use specialist units which have been specifically designed to improve security.

NCP have removed the car parking bays from the entrance level of the car park and in their place 90 high security purpose built anchor units have been installed. NCP are also investing over £16,000 to improve access and convenience. The entrance barriers have been shortened and a designated motorcycle lane has been introduced with improved markings and signage.

All the bays are clearly marked and two electronically configured pay and display machines have been installed for ease. These new facilities will also be offered at a price of £2 per day.

Bob Macnaughton, Chief Executive of NCP said: "We are very excited by this new scheme which will give motorcyclists more choice and piece of mind when their park their bikes. This initiative is fully supported by the Corporation of London who want to see a reduction in crime and vandalism against bikes. If this trail is successful we envisage providing a similar service across London and the rest of the UK."

Jeroen Weimar, Director of Transport Policing and Enforcement, Transport for London added: "It is good for London and good for motorcyclists to get more two wheeled transport on the capital's roads. We are very pleased to see NCP trialling this innovative scheme which will make it easier for motor bike and scooter riders to get into the City with peace of mind that their vehicles will be securely parked."

Jeff Stone of the British Motorcyclists Federation added: "This is really good news for motorcyclists in London. There is always a shortage of spaces in off street car parks and riders are forced to park on the street where there is substantial increase of damage or theft. The BMF fully supports NCP's steps to cater for a growing number of users who deserve the same choice as motorists ."


- A Motor cycle or scooter is stolen every 14 minutes in the UK

- One Motorcycle is stolen for every 40 on the road - twice the theft rate of cars

- Over 36,000 machines are stolen every year - 56% of which are scooters

- It only takes a profession thief 14 seconds to steal an unprotected machine

- From April 2003 to March 2004 there were 583 recorded acts of crime or theft on vehicles within the City of London

- The City of London arguably have one of the highest rates of crime against vehicles in the country

- In 2002/3 there were 2,366,000 recorded crimes against motor vehicles (Bikes and Cars) across England and Wales. Of these 663,000 were attempted thefts, 278,000 were thefts and 1,425,000 were theft from or against a vehicle

- The Home Office and Police are running a high level secure your motor campaign recommending that rider secure their bike to something solid that can't be moved. The new facilities are recognized as the best available.

- 50% riders do not lock their machines properly

- There are 0.2 million journeys a day done on a motorized two wheel vehicle

- 16,000 people enter central London by this mode of transport during peak times of travel (0700 - 1000)

- 2% commuters use Motorbikes or similar vehicles

- Since the introduction of the Congestion charge the number of bikes in central London has risen by 6%

- There has been a slight rise in NO2 levels since January 2003, encouraging more people to use a more environmentally friendly more of transport.