March 9 2005.
Biking activist, lobyist and former Federation of European Motorcyclists General secretary Simon Milward died following a road accident last Friday 4th March in Mali West Africa, near the city of Kayes, while on a round the world fund-raising motorcycle ride.
Instrumental in developing the (FEM), Simon became its second General Secretary in 1992 and having moved the FMA operation to Brussels he quickly became well-known and respected as a professional and successful lobbyist of the European Community Institutions. Simon also oversaw the amalgamation of FEM and the European Motorcyclists Assoiciation which led to the creation of the FEMA.
Working with the wider motorcycle community notable successes included stopping plans for a Europe wide 100bhp limit, changes to European Type Approval ( design and construction) to make it more acceptable to motorcycling and the defeat of more draconian proposals for European motorcycle riding licences.
In 2000 he changed direction and set off on what was originally an18 month sabbatical to travel round the world raising funds for Riders for Health and the international relief agency, Medecins Sans Frontieres. However, he decided to extend his trip and it became a far more extensive journey of personal discovery and a mission to bring motorcycle delivered health care to the world's poorest people.
He supported riders' rights organisations on his journey and helped to establish the 'flores' motorcycle outreach scheme in Indonesia which was supported by Riders for Health.
Craig Carey-Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, "Simon will be deeply missed by many in the MCI and the wider industry. He was a true professional who during his time as FEMA General Secretary forged strong links with industry and created a much greater level of understanding between the many organsiations involved in the motorcycle community."
BMF Senior Government Relations Executive Trevor Magner said: "I had the pleasure of working with Simon in lobbying the European Parliament and developing policy. He had a great appetite for work but was also very sociable and certainly liked to party. He was very persuasive and in fact persuaded the BMF, a founder member of rival group EMA, to join FEM. Although he has been out of the European political scene for a few years, the riders' rights movement will be all the poorer without him. I'd like to offer my personal condolences and those of the BMF to his family and those who were privileged to work with him."
Iam Mutch at MAG also added his condolences on behalf of MAG.
Anyone wishing to recognise the selfless work Simon so enthusiastically committed himself
to, may like to visit his website for details regarding donations to his charities.