March 21 2005.
Ventura is continuing to expand its range of luggage systems with a fitting kit for the popular Honda CBR600-RR (2004/5 model). 
Ventura is becoming increasing popular with sports bikes riders who are looking for an alternative to soft luggage that is less cumbersome, both visually and physically, than hard luggage.  UK importers Motohaus point to the fact that its best-selling fittings are all for sports bikes. 
The system is modular & based around L-brackets, which are tailor-made for each model, so that they can be fitted without drilling, cutting or the need to discard foot-rests or grab handles. The Pack Rack slots into the L-brackets and then a choice of Ventura Packs can be dropped onto the rack and clipped into place.  Thus the system is completely stable, even at speed.
The Ventura fitting kit for the CBR600-RR sells for £79.99 inc. VAT.  Add £41.99 for a Pack Rack, £36.99 for a Sport Rack and £19.99 for the Grab Handle.
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