March 21 2005
Following on from Motorcycle Trader's UP FRONT leader in the March 2005 issue, MCI Exhibitions has responded with plans to re-launch and re-package the Business Centre and its dedicated trade elements at this year's International Motorcycle Show at the NEC.
Discussions between MCI Exhibitions, current exhibitors and companies that have not exhibited for some time have resulted in the introduction of a new layout, format and pricing structure. And that's just the beginning.
For the 2005 show, the trade-only Business Centre will be repositioned to a corner in one of the halls, and the catering, seating and business facilities will be improved. The two outside walls will offer externally facing stands for a four-day period from Press and Trade Day on the Thursday through to the Sunday evening at an 'aggressive' new price that will be competitive with the Trade Expo. This is to cater for a growing number of trade companies that believe that the January Trade Expo is simply too late for their production and distribution requirements.
"Basically exhibitors and MCI members have told us that they want their order books filled as early as possible and so now, with this new arrangement, they can be three months ahead of the current Trade Expo schedule," said Show Director Finlay McAllan,
In addition to offering a four-day package at reduced costs, the stands vacated by those exhibitors will be transformed into private meeting rooms that will be available to all exhibitors at no cost.  Final costings and packaging are still to be confirmed, but negotiations are currently heading towards offering exhibitors discounts on catering - a bone of contention with all exhibitors for some time - wireless Internet connections and other business facilities.
In the long term, McAllan hopes to see the Business and Trade area expand to the extent that it will become, not just a show within a show, but a trade-only show running alongside the main show.
"We want to expand the dedicated trade element and, in the future, we have the facility to move it into its own hall with its own separate entrance, where we can offer free entry for the four-day dedicated trade show and discounted trade tickets into the main ten-day show. This will allow the trade all-day access to the trade show and provide the trade exhibitors with a real cost-effective early alternative to the Trade Expo", said McAllan.

Companies interested in hearing more should contact Finlay McAllan at or by calling  0870 330 7811 or 07802 640155.