March 25 2005.

Harley-Davidson Japan is to introduce trial sales sites beginning in April that will have the option of upgrading to full-fledged dealerships if they meet certain requirements.
Harley-Davidson Japan has seen sluggish growth recently in the number of motorcycles sold. The company hopes to change this trend through the test sites and the eventual expansion of its dealership network.
The first such site is to open in Fuchu, Tokyo, on April 10.
Thereafter, sites are scheduled to open in Okinawa Prefecture and elsewhere nationwide. Harley-Davidson Japan will aim to have 50 such locations after two years.
In recruiting candidate sites, the company will try to interest motorcycle shops that have never dealt in Harley-Davidson products as well as shops that only provide motorcycle services. The trial stores will have special Harley-Davidson corners measuring about 4 x 3m. The corners will be separated from the rest of the store using simple pillars, and they will display a few motorcycles along with Harley-Davidson products such as helmets.
The trial sites will have to meet certain requirements such as motorcycle sales goals over a set period. If these are met, the sites can become full-fledged dealerships.
Harley-Davidson Japan hopes to have about 200 dealerships in 2010, up from the roughly 110 at present.

Source: The Nikkei Business Daily