April 2 2005.
The motorcycle MOT fee is set to increase in proportion with the time it actually takes to perform the test, following sustained lobbying by the Retail Motor Industry Federation.
The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) is consulting on proposals to raise the solo motorcycle test fee to £23.80 on August 1. It currently stands at £15.55.
Frank Finch, RMI motorcycle retailers director said: "The RMI has been lobbying for some time for the test to be retimed and the fee amended accordingly. Motorcycle dealers had complained to us that the current fee set by VOSA did not reflect the increasing time it takes to perform the MOT test."
In conjunction with a number of RMI members, VOSA conducted a series of re-timing exercises to determine the average test time. MOT fees are partly based on the average time taken to conduct the test. VOSA previously calculated that the motorcycle MOT test should take 24 minutes and this has stood since 2000. In the ensuing period, extra items have been added to the test and it is now estimated to take an average of 37 minutes and the proposed new fee structure reflects this.
Finch added: "The continuing evolution of the test, in combination with the growing complexity of bike construction during the last few years, has meant that the reality of the test has changed. We worked hard to ensure that VOSA recognised this, and they have acted accordingly.
"Following RMI lobbying, the RMI also welcomes VOSA proposals to increase the duplicate motorcycle test certificate fee to £10 to correct the previous disparity with the car certificate fee."