April 2 2005.
Peugeot's new Ludix Blaster scooter which is due on sale this month offers Gti fun at a budget price. 
By combining the modular Ludix platform with a high performance liquid-cooled two-stroke engine, Peugeot have created a scooter with an unrivalled price and performance ratio.
Peugeot developed the Ludix concept to take advantage of modern materials and the latest production techniques, creating an economic range of scooters. So the Blaster shares the tubular frame and ABS polypropylene bodywork that make all of the models in this range compact light and economic.  However, by inserting a liquid-cooled engine capable of producing 6.2 BHP, riders will experience class-leading acceleration, thanks to an incredible power to weight ratio.
The Peugeot Ludix Blaster sells for £1,349 on the road and benefits from a 2-year warranty.
For further information call 01202 823344 or visit: www.peugeotmoto.co.uk