April 5th 2005.
Youthbike is a bike-building event for young people, designed to stimulate interest in motorcycle design. The event has developed into a national competition, involving youngsters from across the country. Every year, in youth groups around the country, ideas are born and turned into working machines ready for the annual judging show held in July.
This year's Youthbike is due to take place from 1st to 3rd of July, at Sir William Robertson High School, Welbourne, Lincoln, and is open for public access from 10am on Saturday.
In the time that Youthbike has been active, it is estimated that some 6,000 people have passed through the Youthbike process - many returning year after year, and some eventually becoming youth leaders and submitting their own teams.
Teams must complete every aspect of the building process, from initial design, through to construction, painting and accounting. The competition therefore requires various applicants with many different kinds of skills.
For further information, contact 01507 524432.