April 11th 2005.
Press statement in response to Evening Standard, Thursday 24th March.
As the leading scooter manufacturer, Piaggio welcomes news that Ken Livingstone has quashed rumours that two-wheel riders will have to pay the London Congestion Charge, as reported in the Evening Standard (Thursday, 24 March).
The Mayor's office released a statement in response stating, "Both motorcycles and scooters are exempt from the congestion charge as they do not cause congestion. The mayor wishes to make it crystal clear that he has absolutely no intention whatsoever of making scooters and motorcycles pay the congestion charge. Motorbikes and scooters will not be charged."
Speculation about whether or not two wheelers should be exempt from the congestion charge scheme has arisen as a report suggested it as a mechanism to reduce accidents involving motorcycles and scooters.
As the Evening Standard reported, the number of fatalities and serious injuries to bikers has already decreased since the introduction of the congestion charge. In order to meet the further reduced accident targets set by TfL, surely the answer is not to reduce the amount of two wheeled vehicles on the road by lifting their exemption from the congestion charge, but to ensure the city is more two-wheeler friendly and to educate car drivers to be more aware of two wheel transport.

Siobhan Curtin, Marketing Manager, Piaggio Ltd