December 30 2008.

To coincide with the opening of London's red route bus lanes to motorcyclists on January 5th, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) has today launched a new Code of Conduct for motorcyclists who will be enjoying the new freedom to use bus lanes.

The Code has been developed in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and is supported by motorcycle riders' groups, Motorcycle News and motorcycle dealerships.

The Code contains guidance and gives information to motorcyclists about the safe and responsible use of bus lanes. The most important point is that bus lanes are shared road space and are also used by other vulnerable road users such as cyclists.

London's Mayor Boris Johnson announced that bus lanes would be open to motorcyclists for an experimental period, after the results of a three year study by Transport for London showed that motorcycle safety could be enhanced without causing safety problems for pedestrians or cyclists.

MCI's Craig Carey-Clinch said: "Motorcycles in bus lanes is good news for road safety and will also help to improve accessibility for motorcyclists who travel in London. However, it is essential that riders use this new freedom responsibly. This is why the MCI and its partners have developed the Code, which provides valuable advice and encourages riders to be aware of pedestrians and cyclists when they ride in bus lanes."

The Code can be downloaded from MCI's website at and comes as both a leaflet and also in a business card 'cut out and keep' format.