April 18th 2005.
According to research by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), motorcycle and scooter riders welcome safety initiatives and expect the Government to introduce practical measures.
The research suggests that 51 per cent of bikers are influenced to vote for a particular party by policies that relate to transport.  
Three-quarters of riders said that a government that has a more positive approach to motorcycling could contribute to motorcycle safety on the roads. Bikers hope that the Government will build on proposals put forward in the National Motorcycle Strategy.
Access to bus lanes, for instance, is positively welcomed by 87 per cent of motorcyclists. Existing schemes in areas such as Bristol demonstrate that bus lanes can be used by bikes and scooters without compromising safety for other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.
Riders recognise that Local Authorities have a role to play in making roads safer. Top of the list of bikers' priorities is the need to improve the conditions of roads - a matter on which 85 per cent of respondents agree. On the other hand, only one per cent of riders think that adding more traffic-calming measures would create a safer riding environment.
Local Authorities are currently developing Local Transport Plans (LTP). This process will be completed early in 2006. With a national strategy in place and increasing levels of guidance and advice available, local authorities now have no excuse for ignoring motorcycles in their transport plans.
Craig Carey-Clinch, MCI's Director of Public Affairs, said: "Riders are not making unrealistic demands. What they are asking for is sensible and practical measures that will provide safer roads for motorcyclists and all road-users alike."