April 18th 2005.
The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has welcomed the Institute of Highway Engineer's (IHIE) launch of Motorcycle Guidelines, stating that rider safety can be achieved through engineering and integration.
The IHIE guidelines were launched by Steven Norris, President of the Motorcycle Industry Association, at an IHIE Conference at the Institute of Physics, in London.
The Guidelines follow up and complement the recently launched National Motorcycle Strategy, offering practical advice to engineers about how the different characteristics of motorcycles can be recognised and addressed in highway and traffic design and management.
Key guidance on how to 'think bike' encompasses road design, traffic calming and parking. The advice covers the performance and handling characteristic of motorcycles, and is compiled to improve maintenance regimes.
Craig Carey-Clinch, the MCI's Director of Public Affairs, said: "Highway engineers can and must do more to make the road environment safer and more welcoming for motorcycling by taking measures to integrate bikes and scooters into transport policy and plans. These guidelines will inform good practice and offer solutions to help reduce traffic accidents."
Steven Norris, President of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said: "Motorcycle use is on the increase and, whilst overall the casualty rate for motorcycles has generally improved, we must do more for these vulnerable road users. I welcome IHIE guidelines which give engineers the tools too improve the environment for motorcyclists and will help to reduce rider vulnerability".